Join Your Fellow Rebels With These Exclusive Star Wars Leia Women's Sneakers

   Planet Hoth is no warm-weather beach. It’s a frozen desert prone to blizzards and home to aggressive beasts. So, gearing up to defend a rebellion on the icy planet requires weather-appropriate clothing and accessories. Inspired by the incomparable Leia Organa, your white-on-white jumpsuit and vest are genius. You’ll blend right in with your surroundings while keeping protected from the chill winds and blowing snow.

   You’ll be ready to join your fellow rebels on planet Hoth when you order these exclusive Star Wars Rebel Leia Women’s Hoth Sneakers! Based on Princess Leia’s Hothian snowsuit, the officially licensed footwear features a white and grey color palette that makes them a versatile piece in any wardrobe. Quilted details on each side panel imitate Leia’s puffer vest and add a cozy look to the shoes.

   The Rebellion’s sigil is appliqued on the outer side of each shoe and marks you a member. Meanwhile, a cuff of faux fur offers a touch of warmth around the ankles in case you really do wear these geek-chic high-tops in a cold-weather climate.

It makes a perfect Christmas gift for that Star Wars crazy girl.

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