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Get ready to bust some ghosts with this authentic Real Ghostbusters T-Shirt!

This Stay Puft Real Ghostbusters T-Shirt features an image of Mr. Stay Puft, the seemingly harmless mascot for Stay Puft Marshmallows. Unlike the original Ghostbusters movie, in the animated Real Ghostbusters series, Mr. Stay Puft was a kind giant who worked with the Ghostbusters in the episodes “Sticky Business” and “The Revenge of Murray The Mantis”.

After images of him are seen on an advertisement and a bag of the marshmallows earlier in the film, he is then seen in the climax of Ghostbusters as one of two physical manifestations and forms of Gozer, a god who is defeated when Stay-Puft is destroyed. Stay-Puft’s exact to-scale height in the movie is 112.5 feet (34.3 m) tall.

Needles to say this t-shirt is licenced, meaning Unlike those other guys, we do things the right way which means the artists and brands you love the most are supported and not taken advantage of.

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