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Iconic Modular Mario Bellini Sofa

   Mario Bellini (born February 1, 1935 in Milan) is an Italian architect, critic, and designer. His designs have won 8 Compasso d’Oro awards, and he has received awards including the Gold Medal for Architecture at the 2015 Milan Triennale, and a “Medaglia d’Oro” conferred on him by the President of the Italian Republic.

   The sectional elements of Bellini sofa can be used freely and apart from one another. The backs and armrests are provided with rings and carabiners, which allows the user to create a perfect ‘seating landscape’.

Bellini Sofa – Combination 008

   The combination – 008, is probably the most popular of the reproduction of this modular sofa. It is very comfortable and the fact this wonderful piece is modular, provides endless flexible solutions for any project or living room.

   Also there is a gran selection of materials offered for this modular sofa, which by the way, all are Flame resistant & non-toxic (Baby Friendly). For example, on the picture on the left side its the Cashmere-Snow White combination of this sofa and it costs US$ 4739. You can check the prices for the other materials…

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