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You will love this vintage "Sun flowers" poster

   Today we present you “The sunflowers”, an illustration more than 200 years old which their designers combined it with the cover of the book the illustration was originally published in and added a gorgeous chalkboard background.

This vintage style print would work beautifully as single pieces, or as part of a wall gallery. Did we mention that it also make excellent gift?!

   They have worked hard to restore the colors and resolution as much as possible to bring the illustrations back to life, as the artist intended them to be seen, in a full and beautiful color, vibrancy, and resolution, but left just enough wear and tear on the illustrations to preserve the original print’s character and ambiance.

   Please note that the images are printed using fade-resistant inks, on matte finish cards.A frame is not included with your order, but the prints are perfectly sized for framing at home.


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