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Make an impression with this baroque pearl bracelet

perfect gift idea

   With an irregular shape, the baroque freshwater pearl bracelet often reflects more lights and presents a rich color gradation than the traditional round pearl bracelets.

   There are four colors available of the baroque pearls in the pearl bracelet: blue-black, white, pink, and gray.

   With a smooth surface, the 8-9mm baroque pearls of the pearl bracelet are extra quality and have an excellent gloss. The bracelet feels silky to touch and looks as soft as milk. The ends of the pearl bracelets are connected by a gold diamond circular ring and 2 gold diamond clasps.

This pearl bracelet is a perfect gift idea

   The bracelet comes with a 14K gold plated diamond clasp, the pearl, and gold bracelet well balance the down-tone feeling of pearls. Especially for the blue black pearl bracelet, the gold diamond circular ring adds an excellent final touch to the pearl and diamond bracelet.

   You can’t go wrong with this elaborate pearl bracelet gold as a gift for friends, family members on birthdays, anniversaries, weddings…


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