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Magical Meals in Minutes: The Harry Potter Soup Mug

When you are a student at Hogwarts, you’ve got a lot of options for how you can sneak around and enjoy a bit of mischief while you are performing your dutiful studies.

Even Hermione Granger enjoyed her moments… despite the fact that she generally used her trickery just to be able to study more Perhaps you’re more the variety that enjoys a magical map that helps you avoid the professors while you sneak into town for some butter beer? A dangerous task, but one that a skillful wizard can handle. But, the Marauder’s Map isn’t for everyone. And, eventually, you grow out of such things…

But, just because you no longer have need of the secret map of the Hogwarts castle doesn’t mean you don’t want to bring some of that magical mischief back with you when you’re enjoying a relaxing moment in your own home. That’s why we can offer you the same magical mayhem with this officially licensed Harry Potter 24oz Ceramic Soup Mug. Whether you want some butter beer, some hot coffee, or a nice bowl of chocolate frogs, this mug will keep all your mischief managed, easily accessible, and microwave and dishwasher safe!

(Not protected against hungry familiars or notoriously devious Draco Malfoys. Then again… what is!?)


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