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Light up Your Garden and Feed the Birds with this Antique Metal Feeder

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The LED light in the lid of the bird feeder allows you to use it at night, making it easier to feed birds even after dark.

Are you looking for a unique and practical addition to your garden decor? Look no further than the antique metal bird feeder with solar powered LED lights. Not only does this bird feeder offer a charming and elegant appearance, but it also serves multiple purposes as both a bird feeder and a night light.

The solar cell design on the top of the feeder ensures that it is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. And when it’s not being used to feed birds, the bird feeder’s beautiful shape makes it a perfect addition to your garden as a practical night light that doesn’t need recharging.

The bird feeder comes in the color as shown, with a size of 19.5x19cm/7.67×7.48in, and is made of iron. The solar panel is about 40x40mm/1.57×1.57in, making it compact and easy to use.

In conclusion, the antique metal bird feeder with solar powered LED lights is the perfect addition to any garden, offering both practicality and elegance. So why not order yours today and enjoy the beauty of nature at night with this unique and energy-saving bird feeder.

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