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Just Awesome: Magic Cello Mechanical Music Box 3D Wooden Puzzle (video)

    This ROKR puzzle incorporates the cello into a “mechanical music box” – as the gears turn and the melody plays, one is transported into a magical mystery.

   With a romantic retro style, this cello music box puzzle is mainly a combination of cello and magic book. The hollow structure of the body shows the internal gear set, six-petal flower embellished on it, the panel is engraved with a classic European pattern, very retro aesthetic. The product is also interspersed with a large number of magic elements, such as magic books, little witches and cats, giving people a retro and mysterious visual experience.

   In addition, the base of the magic book shape, using the story of the “father of the cello” Pablo Casals, and the main self-playing cello echoes.

   Self-playing Mechanism:
The winding mechanism moves the bow in a straight line from left to right and back again.

   Mysterious Magic Ancient Book:
The base of the book is a mix of original wood and vintage brown, with a short story about the “father of the cello”, Casals. The three magic books are stacked in sequence, and the cover is carved with an openwork European pattern, mysterious and retro.

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