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From the 17th Century to Today: The Timeless Beauty of de Wit's World Map

1660 de Wit World Celestial & Elemental Map

   This is a wonderfully detailed reproduction of World Map by Frederic de Wit originally created in 1660. The upper corners contain the northern and southern celestial maps and the lower corners show north and south polar projections. The bottom center illustrates two astronomical diagrams – a geocentric one on the left and a Copernican on the right. The top center shows the sun encircled by a zodiacal ring. Also features depictions of the Four Elements – Air, Fire, Earth, and Water in 4 different sizes:24″x32″, 20″x28″, 18″x24″

   This Classic Reproduction Vintage Map honors the beauty of this unique art form and evokes vivid images of a simpler time. Each print is a custom reproduction printed on Heavyweight Enhanced Matte Art Paper. These Historic Art Prints are suitable for framing, mounting or direct display on any wall!

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