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Created in 1903 this lamp is timeless icon to this day

Modern Floor Lamp - White

   Conceived by Mariano Fortuny in 1903, the Fortuny floor lamp continues to be considered a contemporary and timeless icon to this day. The know-how and talent of the eclectic artist gave shape to the Fortuny lamp design with which he revolutionized stage lighting and experimented with a new indirect lighting system for the stage.

   The idea for the base came from the camera’s tripod, with its adjustable leg, while for the lampshade Mariano Fortuny reversed the typical lampshades of the time, making them tiltable and thus creating a light orientation instrument. In the history of design, there are few projects capable of lending themselves to new interpretations, keeping an unmistakable personality.

   It comes in three different frame finishes:gold, silver and white. All about the specs and features of this lamp you can read at ETERNITY MODERN.

vintage floor lamp
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