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Beautiful Vintage Gramophone Replica

  It is constructed in a way to replicate the vintage HMV Gramophone Phonograph Record of approximately 1908.   

This antique gramophone is handcrafted and the dimensions are 15-inch x 16 inches x 25 inches. The base is made of solid season wood with handcrafted authentic antique carves by the artisans. The horn is made of copper with a floral design imprinted on it.

    This can a great addition to your farmhouse or vintage-style home, but it would also look great as a finishing piece in a bar, restaurant, hotel lobby… A statement piece that attracts your guests as it’s so unique and very unlikely to see gramophones as décor today.

   This beautiful gramophone is in working condition, but please note these gramophones are reproductions, these are collectors or display items, playing expensive records is not recommended.      FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE

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