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Beautiful Victorian Lantern Mechanical Music Box 3D Wooden Puzzle

Inspired by Tudor Lantern & Victorian Pavilion, this exquisite mechanical music box 3D wooden puzzle will immediately catch your eyes after you assemble all the pieces together.

   This Victorian Lantern Music Box is a mechanical gears 3D wooden puzzle that is inspired by the Medieval Tudor Lantern back in the 15 century. This exquisite & retro style ROKR puzzle is designed with a Led Light inside the Pavilion structures. Also, there will be a beautiful melody playing when wound up – You Light up My Life. Challenge yourself by assembling this medium-level wooden puzzle for fun!

   Fun Project and Best Gift Ideas: It has much fun to build this amazing kit, and Feel the pride of assembling this entire IQ toy set-up with your very own hands. Give this to your friends and family, they will be surely surprised.

🧩: No glue needed & 🔋 2 AAA batteries required; batteries not included.


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